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Reddit-Discord Bridge

A project to post reddit posts to discord, written in TypeScript using Deno.

Despite what the name may suggest (please feel free to suggest a better name), this project just posts reddit posts to discord using webhooks. It does not have any puppeting capabilities.


I have been using a reddit bot for a while but it is no longer properly maintained so I decided to create this. The way the bridge works is it polls the Reddit API for new posts and then posts them to a Discord channel using Discord webhooks. I may look at converting this to a bot in the future. Since this has no interface, everything must be done through a config file.


The project currently can only be self-hosted due to the fact that there is no database, just a config file. This may change in the future so watch this space. I provide a docker image for the project that is available on GHCR. An example of a docker-compose file would look like:

version: "3"

    image: ''
        - ./data:/app/data

Please note: The project is currently in a very early stage of development and may not be stable. Please report any issues on the issue tracker. The project currently runs using static files, on start a file will be created to store the latest post ID. This is not a permanent solution and will be changed in the future for those using databases.


Configuration is done through a single config file and must in the location of ${local_data_dir}/config.json where ${local_data_dir} is the location set in the volumes section of the docker-compose file. The following is the config structure:

		"subreddit_name": "",
		"discord_webhook_url": "",
		"embed_colour": ""

Although the config is in an array of objects, only one object is currently supported. The array is in preparation for future support for multiple subreddits.

The embed_colour field is optional and can be any valid hex colour. If not provided, the default colour will be used. This was introduced in v1.0.3.